freelance artist

Cat☆ / she/her / ⚢

☆ Hello! I'm Cat! I love to draw really gay and sparkly things, usually cute girls! PJ is my cat/daughter and I fight the urge to post about her 24/7.

☆ favorites:☆ current interests:
◦ MY BAE ♡◦ sarah waters books
◦ CATS!(´꒳`)◦ dungeons&dragons
◦ GL/YURI♡◦ brooklyn nine-nine
◦ ART ☆◦ yu yu hakusho

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notes / about me

▸ I'm very private (read:paranoid) so I don't like sharing specific personal info, such as:
my birth name
date of birth/age
specific location
▸ I don't really like publically talking about personal or health issues either.
▸ sometimes I get overwhelmed when I talk to too many people so please don't feel bad if I take a while to respond to you! it's nothing personal!

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likes & interests

▸ funk & jazz
▸ retro movies
Soylent Green / The Thing / Alien / Blade Runner
▸ magical girls
Utena / Sailor Moon ☾ / PMMM
▸ pokemon (x)
▸ aliens & space
▸ apocalypse & dystopian themes
▸video games (x)
▸black tea

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pokemon (more)

fav region:johto
fav starter:totodile
fav pokes:meowth, tediursa, mew, shinx, miltank, politoad
fav eevees:umbreon, vaporeon, sylveon


video games (more)

fav genres:RPG, horror, sims, casual
fav games: pokemon (most of them!)
jet set radio
hotline miami (1 & 2)
nier automata
harvest moon
stardew valley
smash bros (meele & brawl)
fav zeldas:majora's mask
ocarina of time
a link to the past
minish cap
link between worlds
fav horror: silent hill (1, 2, & 3)
resident evil (1 & 4)
haunting grounds